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Pergamon Group ltd is revolutionizing modern day business in Africa.As a top ranking Information Technology (IT)solution provider,the group offers a wide range of high quality and affordable products in security enhancement,office automation and business transactions.

Pergamon Group ltd started as a small enterprise supplying computer accessories,with time,the company has diversified to selling a wide range of electronic fiscal devices and other solutions like banking and office equipment,point of sale (POS) and security equipment.

Currently,the group is providing Business solutions and has country presence in Kenya,Tanzania and Rwanda.

In the three countries,Pergamon Group ltd is incorporated and approved by the relevant Revenue Authorities as a supplier of Electronic Fiscal Device EFDs

In Tanzania,the group is the leading approved EFDs supplier with a 41% market share estimated at 100,000 machines by the end of 2013,while in Rwanda the Group was selected to supply and implement the first pilot phase of 700 machines which was successfully completed within 30days.


Operations began in Kenya - 2004,Tanzania 2009 and Rwanda - 2011

A total of 71 permanent employees

The sole African distributor of Bulgaria's electronic devices manufacturer - incotex Group with exclusive rights

Our Vision

To be the leading and most innovative technology business solution provider in Africa

Our Mission

To consolidate our market leadership in the provision of distinctive,efficlent and high technological business solutions which deliver long-term commercial benefits and exceeds customer expectations

Our Values

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