Pergamon Group Limited was established with the main aim of providing affordable solutions to modern-day businesses through high quality hardware for office automation and concrete software for the micro management of small and large enterprises.

Pergamon Group is the holding company of Pergamon Limited which is incorporated in Kenya and approved by the Kenya Revenue Authority and Pergamon (TZ) Limited which is incorporated in Tanzania and approved by Tanzania Revenue Authority as the supplier of EFDs. In Kenya, Pergamon prides itself for being one of the top ranking companies with the highest number of devices licensed by KRA while in Tanzania, our main aim is to enhance EFD availability and assist the Tanzanian government in deploying and educating the public on its importance.

In order to meet the individual needs of our clients, we maintain a wide range of quality products and services. In this endeavour, we have exclusive rights from Bulgaria's leading manufacturer of electronic devices - Incotex Group, as being their sole distributor in Africa. We have also developed very good relationships with our key partners who include Ingenico – France (payment terminals), Bixolon – South Korea (thermal printing solutions) and Microinvest – Bulgaria (POS software). With this trust based partnership we believe we have the right foundation to serve any market and exceed the expectations of our stake holders.

Pergamon offers customers complete solutions ensuring them success in a rapidly changing competitive and complex market. Quality execution is made possible with the aid of the most modern equipment and highly qualified employees. Our company is wholly dedicated towards customer satisfaction.