Home Security Alarm Systems

Following recent happenings in the country, people are increasingly arming their security systems. It is advisable to have a reliable home security alarm system. Pergamon group has built its approach around providing you with the protection and peace of mind you deserve. With high quality and affordable interactive home security solutions that has a wide range of user-friendly features usually only found on the most advanced alarms. We provide you with a customized, fully featured home security alarm system.

Wireless Security Systems

Red Shield’s Wire-free Home Protection System can be operated as a standard intruder alarm or expanded, using the range of Red Shield accessories, to offer protection in external locations, such as garages, sheds and outbuildings. The System operates wire-free, eliminating the need for unsightly and inconvenient running of wires.The system also easily links to Red Shields Auto Dialer/Distress Alarm which can be programmed to automatically call friends, family or emergency services with a pre-recorded message when triggered.


DIY (Do It Yourself) Alarms

The Standalone Home Alarms from Red Shield are all battery operated units offering an easy to install solution to homeowners or office managers looking to protect specific or vulnerable areas against intruders or simply announce visitors, using the chime function fitted to most alarms.

ST 10 PROMOTE CONTROLLED MOTION SENSING ALARMsst 14c slim glass break alarm with external magnetic sensorst 05s glass break alarm

Personal Alarms

Red Shields range of Personal Alarms are designed to be easy to carry, simple to operate, but highly effective , with extremely loud sirens to warn off potential attackers or alert others when assistance is required. All you need to do is pull the ring.

nst 02 key pad control home alarmmd 20 pressure actived alarm and chime shed protectionST 207 MINI EGG ALARM 2

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