Solar Water Heating Solution

Solar water heaters -- also called solar domestic hot water systems -- can be a cost-effective way to generate hot water for your home. They can be used in any climate, and the fuel they use -- sunshine -- is free.

Solar Water Heating Solution

Honeywell Pressurised Solar Water Heaters are suitable for bungalows, row houses and villas having hydro pneumatic water supply system. A high pressure withstanding capacity upto 5 bars make these systems ideal for high pressure water applications such as shower panels and Jacuzzis. Here heating occurs thorough a coil type heat exchanger inside the tank

Honeywell invents and manufactures technologies for addressing the challenges of the future. This Fortune 100 company has a global presence and is known for manufacturing one of the most advanced standalone water heating systems in its class. The LPHBA58 2030 30 Evacuated Tube Collector solar heater is a pressurized system that is suitable for houses, villas and bungalows with hydro pneumatic water supply system. This system is not suitable for direct connection with municipal water supply. The best thing about the pressurized solar water heaters from Honeywell is that they are simple to install and has a minimum cost of ownership.
Honeywell is known for manufacturing quality products and the LPHBA58 2030 30 standalone water heater stand as a best example of their quality standards. This solar water heating solution has 285 litter water holding capacity and it comes in a compact dimension which makes it easy to install. The system comes with PUF 45mm insulation to provide best heat retention. It includes 30 numbers of tubes of 2010mm length and 58mm diameter. The system includes aluminum alloy made stand with an inclination of 30 degrees with a flat roof.
Type and Function:
This pressurized standalone Evacuated Tube Collector type solar water heater has a pressure withstanding capacity of up to 5 bars which make the system perfect for different water applications like showers and Jacuzzis. So, if you have modern fittings in your bathing room, this solar water can be a perfect choice. In this system the heating occurs through coil type heat exchanger placed within the tank. This 35mm long copper coil ensure transfer of heat to the water most efficiently. This heater can heat up water up to 60 degree Celsius and is able to offer optimum conversion threshold which ensures faster heating of the water in the tank.
Other Features:
This heating system comes with anode protection and provisions for EH.

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