POS Solutions

Software Solutions For Restaurants/Bars/Fast foods/Cafes

With the high level of competition in the restaurant business, optimal management of stock and effective implementation of new technologies are the key to reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Software for Supermarkets and Grocery Stores

The Software products for supermarkets and grocery stores have great functionality and work on heavy loads bases. POS (Point of Sale) solution helps managing all kinds of processes: sales, delivery, revisions, reclamations, invoices, indicating promotions and discounts, publishing and editing documents.

Software for Casinos

The automation of casinos and gaming halls requires complex solutions with which different processes can be monitored, such as: the use of billiards tables and gaming equipment; duration of billiards tables occupation; automatic on and off switching of the lighting over the billiard tables, or other electrical appliances; sale reports for meals and drinks.

Software for Clothes and Shoe Stores

With the help of Microinvest Warehouse Pro for outfit, shoes and accessories stores you can run your shop much faster and more precisely than before. Saving time and resources will make your business more profitable. Microinvest offers a product that can be easily used by every ordinary person.

Software for Other Service Businesses e.g Beauty Parlours and Car Wash

It is important for Business owners to continually meet the evolving needs of their customers while maintaining a profitable service. Microinvest Warehouse Pro gives you the option to easily store clients' and partners' information, and manage and calculate the supplies from one place!

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